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  1. Farewell to my E

    Problems & Issues
    2007 AWD EX. ~90,000 miles. On Sunday night I was hit on the left, right between the driver side front/back door. Side damage wasn't _that_ bad, but the E flipped. The good news is that I was driving with 3 kids under the age of 10, and every single one of us is absolutely fine. Literally, not...
  2. My E saved my life.

    Problems & Issues
    Sadly, just a few nights ago, I was in an accident in my Element. the damage was pretty severe- although the pictures don't show it too well, I lost my front wheels, and almost the front axle. I was unconscious during it all (no I wasn't drunk... I spontaneously lost consciousness), so I have to...
  3. last nights crash pic

    I guess I shouldn' be off roading, at night, in the dark, on a corner, and in reverse. Here's a pic of the damage and one from summer of vaguely where it happened. I was backing up in the dark inspecting the tractor work I'd done fixing the "gutter" on my driveway. The E's backup light are...
  4. Deer Vs. Element

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    I was coming home the other night and a deer jumped in front of my Element. I had ZERO time to react and was going 70 mph! No airbag deployment and the Element kept going straight as an arrow. My dashboard lit-up like a Christmas tree and the temp gauge went red-line in about 10 seconds. Speed...