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  1. General Honda Element Discussion
    I know nothing about installing aftermarket racks/crossbars. My Element came with these. I realized after buying the OEM crossbars that these are something the previous owner had installed. How do I go about figuring out what is compatible?
  2. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    I bought a 2011 Honda Element and the crossbars are missing but the podiums or feet or whatever seem to still be here. I don't know anything about crossbars, what is left on my car and what does this mean I should buy?
  3. Trading Post
    Had to trade in my 2008 EX and have the following for sale: 4 Yakima landing pads (LP9) 4 Yakima control towers 2 58" Yakima crossbars 1 Yakima 44" fairing Everything is complete, some parts are sun-faded. I can meet in the Syracuse area. Please PM me if interested.
  4. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    I purchased a 2004 Element and got a great deal - the only issue with the vehicle was that the roof rack cross bars are missing. It has never really posed a problem until now. I am moving across the country and would like to utilize the roof rack. Does anyone know where I can purchase cross...
1-4 of 4 Results