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  1. Problems & Issues
    I have a new-to-me ’08 Element, and the cruise control intermittently drops out. When I got the vehicle, cruise control wasn’t working at all, so I checked the fuses and all are good. The horn did work and still does. I swapped main cruise control power switch with my previously functional...
  2. Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I recently bought an ’08 Honda Element SC 5sp. The CC did not work, switch does not light up nor does the dash display show CC operating. I checked the switch and the bulbs were blown I bought a new switch and once installed, it seems to operate opposite as it should. When switch is ON...
  3. General Honda Element Discussion
    Hey all, Long-time fan, first-time caller. I recently purchased a 2004 AWD LX with 80k to replace my 2008 2WD EX with 230k miles on it. I'm planning on selling my 2008 E, possibly to my own Dad, but for now I'd like to strip any features I can off of the 2008. Right now I have the entire...
  4. Maintenance and Service
    I'm on a trip (with an Element that is new to me!) and can't figure out how to use the cruise control. Can anyone help me with the basics. Thanks.:|
1-4 of 4 Results