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cylinder missfire

  1. Intermittent Misfires, Intermittent Limp Mode Rev Limiting, Stalling Out

    Problems & Issues
    Alright, so here's the deal: I just started making payments on my '06 Honda Element Manual EX. Only 130,000 miles on it and no outstanding accidents on record. CEL came on, codes showed misfires on cylinders 1 & 2, as well as "Random Misfire". Replaced all plugs, tested all coil packs...
  2. Misfire Problems

    Problems & Issues
    I bought a used 2008 Element with 94000kms. Experiencing engine problems on long distance trip across the Rocky Mountains. Initially engine light came on with a Misfire cylinder 3 code after driving in cruise control at highway speed. I took my vehicle to a Honda Dealer and my spark plugs were...
  3. Misfire Cyl 1 Help if you have experience please

    Problems & Issues
    06 Ex AWD MT with 102kmi. Have run seafoam direct in the Vacuum tube(3months ago) as well as in the gas and ice heat in the gas w/in last 4 tanks.. New NGK plugs at 100k... Noticed rough idle when stopping at lights but not all the time... Would get really bad if I touched the gas to move up...
  4. ECM replacement???

    Problems & Issues
    I'm the new owner of a used 2003 E. I took it on my first road trip (550 m) in slushy snowy salty conditions. The next day upon returning home I washed it; even misted under the hood to knock the salt off of the engine. I drove it away from the car wash and about 3 miles down the road after...