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  1. A/C Control lights flicker when I use them

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought a 2008 Honda Element! The [HVAC] control lights flicker when I use them. Particularly the fan speed control, when i grab the knob to turn up or down the lights behind them go on or off, and it hapens if I grab the knob and don't even turn it, but just wiggle it. Any help is much...
  2. Headlights and Dash Lights Dim When I Try To Roll Up My Windows?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey. My names Kaleb. Long time reader first time posting. I have looked through the threads and i can't seem to see anyone else having this problem. I have an '03 Element and since I've had it it has always dimmed the headlights and dash lights whenever i roll my windows up. It will dim them so...
  3. Odometer Display. Anyone Seen This?

    Problems & Issues
    Slowly but surely, the display has been disintegrating for the past year. Almost looks like a bug is eating away at the dark part of it. Bulbs are good, as parts of the numbers are visible where the dark 'paint' still exists.
  4. Wanna-be to Newbie in 10 years!!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey all!! I am sooooo excited to finally have a Honda Element. I'm hardly a car junkie, but I've dreamt about owning one of these since the concept car broke through to production in '03. If you're in upstate NY and you see another Element honking and flashing its lights at you, it's...
  5. Dash Lights Dimmer Problem

    I hope someone within the E community can give me some advice on how to solve an issue I have with my 07 SC. The dash lights (HVAC controls, radio, and shifter) will not dim by using the dimmer knob like they used to; the instrument cluster lights work fine except that do not light up without...
  6. Dash Lights out & all exterior except headlights

    Problems & Issues
    I looked at quite a few archived threads on this topic, but none specifically describe the situation I have now. I have a 2003 Honda Element EX with 216,700 miles. This past Fri night when I started my car and turned on my headlights, I had no dash lights or lights behind the heater/ac dials or...
  7. Electrical issues after hooking up trailer

    Problems & Issues
    I recently connected a trailer lighting kit. Immediately after the installation there were no problems. I then borrowed my friend's trailer which had a crushed wiring harness. When I changed out the connector on the trailer there were two brown wires on the connector and only one on the trailer...
  8. HELP! green instrument cluster lights! (BARF)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have an 04 ex awd etc etc. and i was wondering why my speedometer is...this weird green color. all my lights are. the radio, the guages all shine either red- _the pointers), or this nasty green color. !!??? is that a colored film i can change? i hate it. i want it white or blue/white please...