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  1. What would you pay extra for a element with new tires

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi all, I wanted to ask, as I have been curious after talking with my insurance company. If you were to buy a 2003 Honda Element, 109K miles, and it had 4 brand new Michelin LTX M/S 2 Tires ALL SEASON P225/70R16 on it installed in March of 2015, with 8437 worth of miles driven on them, how...
  2. Keeler Honda Warning (Latham NY)

    Northeast Element Owners Club
    This is a warning to anyone dealing with Keeler Motor Car. In 2007, we purchased a 2006 Element EX-P with 24,000 miles on it, for $19,000. They showed us a Carfax that said it had never been in an accident. We recently had it appraised by two different dealers, both of whom quickly pointed...
  3. Won't shift into gear after starting / brake issue?

    Problems & Issues
    I've got a 2003 Element, 116K miles. Over the last few days, I've suddenly had trouble shifting my car into gear/out of park after starting it... I have no trouble starting it, but when I apply the brake and try to push in the thumb button on the shift to get into gear, the thumb button won't...
  4. Control Arm just broke, no impact

    Problems & Issues
    I had my 2003 Element in for a 4 wheel alignment 2 weeks ago. 96K miles on the car. There were no recommendations for additional work needed on the work order. 2 days ago as my wife was pulling out of a parking lot, the left front of the car just dropped. The wheel was about a foot forward and...
  5. Just Purchased Pre-Owned E, Keyless Entry?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 2006 EX-P via a Car Broker from a Honda Dealership. It arrived without a keyless entry remote. I don't know if it was lost or what. My car broker told me we could get an alarm installed cheaper than it would cost to get a keyless remote from a...
  6. Soon-to-be 2009 E Owner, questions.

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Well, after lurking here a while, and 3 test drives later (2WD & 4WD EX, SC), I think I'm about to purchase an E. My local dealer here doesn't have the one that I want (only LX's or AWD EX's), so they'll be doing a dealer trade. I hinted that I might like to go get the car myself, but they gave...