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dog friendly
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  1. Trading Post
    We have a 2009 and our dog is getting older and we need to buy things from the dog friendly kit. Ideally, the organizer (raised platform) and the fan.
  2. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    My decision to buy an Element was to make it my dog hauler. I assumed I'd need to take out at least one of my seats, but since my crates fit perfectly behind the rear seats, I thought I'd leave the seats in and have the ability to transport people too. Although they fit perfectly, I decided the...
  3. Trading Post
    Selling several items from the 'Dog Friendly Package' that was offered at a very limited time for our E's. All items are BRAND NEW IN HONDA BOXES Dog Bowl, not even available online but used to retail for $59 $30 Dog Fan retails for $80 $50 Dog Ramp - on ebay for $150 $70 Dog Bed -...
  4. Interior
    Just got my Dog Friendly Package! Amazon has it, sold by Honda America, on closeout for $399 + 35 shipping. Not sure how many are left. Took about 2 weeks, shipped by freight. Really impressed by the quality of everything - heavy duty mats and seat covers. Not looking forward to putting the seat...
1-4 of 4 Results