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  1. XTRONS Android head unit in my 07'

    Mobile Electronics
    I have been a lurker here for years and I just want to first say THANK YOU! When something is up with my Element I know the search function here will help me find the answer I need. When I started researching a Android head unit I did not find this exact one so I thought I would share my...
  2. FS: OEM 2007 Honda Element EX Factory Stereo/Radio Unit

    Trading Post
    This is an excellent-condition OEM factory stereo unit from my '07 Honda Element. Everything on it works and I have the factory "unlock" code that it came w/ from the dealership. This way, installing it into your element will be hassle-free. I'm including the mounting plates and the screws...
  3. Help me choose a seven inch, double DIN, touch screen, multimedia unit.

    Mobile Electronics
    This is the first car that I've actually owned, completely paid for and in excellent condition, so now I want to start adding to it and making changes--all installed by professionals. For the most part I'm not talking about anything that isn't a Honda part, to be installed by Honda, such as a...
  4. Newb DX radio upgrade woes

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, I've casually lurked EOC for a couple of years now but am just now signing up because I could use some help. I come from the honda cars so I'm familiar with the older design trends and such. History: My mother, purchased an 06 DX a few years ago and has had nothing but trouble with her...