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  1. New battery but continues to need jumps

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I bought a 2010 4WD EX in January with about 88,000 miles. Took it in for an inspection and everything checked out aside from needing a new battery. The old battery was wasn't bad but dealership offered to replace with a brand new one. I park it in a covered but open parking garage and...
  2. Parasitic drain.. I have an answer

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, I am new here...and after looking through the site seeking an answer and not finding it...I thought I would share what I discovered to fix My problem. 2007 Element...I had troubles with the battery draining in about 2 days. It is a fleet vehicle and all stock...160k miles I had...
  3. Webasto Sunroof Drain Cleaning How To

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I just purchased a 09 EX with a Webasto Hollandia 700 sunroof installed in the middle area (just behind the front upper storage bin). Then we had our first big rain and I noticed that my headliner right at the front point of what would be the "C" piller was wet, as well as a little in the...
  4. AC drain hose

    Problems & Issues
    Can you please tell me how to locate the AC drain hose under the E? I have water on the passenger side floor and think I might need to find and unclog the drain hose. What does it look like? Exactly where under the E is it located? Thanks, John Baltimore