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  1. WTB: Used Ecamper

    Trading Post
    Brand new to the club, but have owned my 04 Element since 2014. I recently gave it a lot of love by replacing the crazy annoying squeaking rear trailing arm bushings, and she rides super smooth and silent again. Starting to remember why I purchased this car in the first place! I'm in southern...
  2. WTB: EX-P eCamper (NM/AZ/CO)

    Trading Post
    Looking for AWD w/ standard transmission email: troy dot kavanagh AT gmail dot com text: five zero five eight seven six seven one 9 one Thanks and please reach out!
  3. 2008 Honda Element Ecamper for Sale!

    Trading Post
    Hello there - I am selling my beloved 2008 Honda Element Ecamper after a hard decision. The family has grown out of this camper - but we are looking forward to adventures down the road. I have posted the vehicle on craigslist - here is the link...
  4. Selling tips for E camper needed

    Greetings & Introductions
    I am new to the site. Joined it years ago when I bought my Element with Ecamper but looking for information on how to best sell it now. Ebay? How do I list it here? It is a sweet low mile 2007 silver and black.
  5. E camper time to sell

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Life has changed and I am ready to part with my girl. Wondering what the best resources are for pricing my 2007 Honda Element with Ecamper would be and best platforms for selling it? She is a grey model with black accents and only 91,000 miles...
  6. Ecamper DIY Install

    Hi Folks, So I have in my hot little hands a genuine Ecamper shell that was removed from another Element. My plan is to install it on a black 2007 4WD EX with ~150k miles that's in pretty fine shape (except for a bit of hail damage on the roof...but with Ecamper in place, problem solved!) I...
  7. Planning An E-Camper Conversion

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi! I'm new here, and I do not yet own a Honda Element which is why I have this question. I'm planning to convert my Honda Element into a camper and I wanted to remove the interior plastic panels in the cargo area to provide more room. Is there anyone who has removed their interior panels...
  8. Looking to purchase an Ecamper. Any leads?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi folks. We're trying to find an Ecamper to purchase. Alternately, we'll have Ursa Minor do the install, but we're trying to see if we can't find on. Thanks much for any leads.
  9. Ursa Minor now in Portland too - Open House 7-23-16

    Ursa Minor
    Hello Element Owners Club - We ran out of room in San Diego, and rather than move to a bigger facility we are opening a second conversion facility in Portland, Oregon to serve customers in the Northwest. We’re having an open house at the new location on Saturday July 23 from 3 pm in the...
  10. ecamper wanted

    Ursa Minor
    Hello fellow element owners, I am located in san diego and have always seen local elements with the ecamper. I am aware that they are made in chula vista, but I want to reach out to all of you on the forum in search for a used ecamper. Anyone looking to sell there ecamper or know of any used...
  11. eCamper lifestyle test drive

    Ursa Minor
    Hi there, My name is Etan and I've been a huge fan of Elements / camper(specifically eCamper) lifestyle for quite a few months now. I live in the Bay Area and love the outdoors and go camping quite frequently. This is a big ask, I know, but I'm wondering if anyone near the Bay Area would let...
  12. FS:2011 ECamper, Boise Idaho $26,000

    Trading Post
    2011 Element Ecamper ( conversion happened in February 2012 ), 35,2XX miles. Book value is $2xx00. Ecamper was about $7xxx. asking $26,000. Has had major surgery/transplant ( ran over a rock missed trans-axle and "nailed the rear transfer case", complete replacement at Honda dealer ( driver side...
  13. Shock/Strut replacement

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Naysayer pre-emption: I know the Element is not an extremely capable 4wd offroad vehicle and I'm not attempting to make it so. That said, I'm prepping my 2005 EX for a trip to South America (and perhaps beyond), and want to give it a fighting chance. I've got an Ecamper already added, and...
  14. 2008 EX ECamper

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone, long time EOC lurker and first time poster here :-) About a year ago I traded in my featureless 2004 DX for a 2008 EX via Carmax. The main reason being that my wife and I just had our first child and wanted better safety features, sunroof and cruise control. I am a action...
  15. Manik Grill Guard for Sale?/Pics of My eCamper

    Hi all, Been trawling the forum for info on grill guards/brush guards. I'm interested in the Manik grille guard, a picture of which you can find here: (See Empire's post and pics) I like that specific model, because it's light...
  16. Vermonter's platform, EOC inspired.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have been working on a platform bed for my E. This was actually a project I "started" last year, and by "started", I mean I thought a great deal about actually doing it one day. Well now that the warm weather has finally hit the great northeast, I felt a little motivation to recreate some of...
  17. ECamper Considerations

    Ursa Minor
    Ecamper owners, I am seriously considering this purchase and have a few questions for those that have one currently. One of my concerns is the value of the vehicle and insurance. If you consider that you are adding quite a bit of money onto the vehicle, which you could end up in an accident...
  18. 10,000 miles, 50 days, 2 people, and an open road in a 2010 Honda Element Ecamper.

    Image Gallery
    We started with an idea and ended up in places we never dreamed. We made connections with amazing people, shared precious moments with family and friends, and explored each day until the moon came down. We lived the van life in our Honda Element ecamper and counted the miles with no specific...
  19. Looking for an eCamper

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi all. I'm new here and this seems to be a very good forum. Very polite. I've been doing my research on the E and it seems to be perfect for me. I had to sell my VW Vanagon camper and need something to replace it with. I've posted in the eCamper area also. If I can find one already...
  20. Element ECamper Owners in/around Denver, CO

    Rocky Mountain Element Owners
    Hello, I just purchased a Honda Element (yes, I was a little late on the uptake!) and wanted to know if anyone else out there - in or around the Denver area - had added the ECamper from Ursa Minor to their Element. If so, would anyone be willing to meet me to let me take a look at theirs? I'd...