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  1. Problems & Issues
    Please HELP!!! My VSA and check engine light came on. They hooked it up and said that there were 2 codes: one for ECM/PCM and the other for Rocker Arm Actuator. Took it to mechanic who said that the symptoms (sometimes acts like it doesn't want to crank, high idle, mild sputtering or acting...
  2. Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello, could someone tell me the number of Electronic Control Modules there are in a 2005 FWD Element with 4-speed automatic transmission?
  3. Maintenance and Service
    Hey everybody, I have the P2685 code, but the car is running and starting perfectly. Had the ABS, Airbag, and Brake lights all come on during sudden braking and a sudden loss of electrical power for 2 seconds. Poof everything is back to normal. Tested the battery and it said I was putting out...
  4. Maintenance and Service
    Hi, Where is the knock sensor located and how do I get to it? Does it involve the removal of a lot of parts? Thanks!
  5. Problems & Issues
    I'm the new owner of a used 2003 E. I took it on my first road trip (550 m) in slushy snowy salty conditions. The next day upon returning home I washed it; even misted under the hood to knock the salt off of the engine. I drove it away from the car wash and about 3 miles down the road after...
  6. Problems & Issues
    Backround Planning on leaving for a trip to Vermont after work but on my way to work fill up 03 Element with gas and a 3 miles later check engine light comes on. Pull over check fluids and gas cap seems tight and clicks. I can not remember if I heard a click this morning or not, attendant...
1-6 of 6 Results