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  1. Confusing Battery Light Issues

    Maintenance and Service
    So two nights ago my battery light came on and flickered intermittently and then went away. The next morning the car started fine and the battery light came on after about ten minutes of driving. I had the battery checked and it said it needed a charge. That afternoon I stopped by a different...
  2. ELD issue? Need help asap

    Problems & Issues
    My wives car has been having issues. It has had a battery, new starter, and 3 new alternators in the past 4 months. The mechanic is at a loss and keeps sending me to the dealer. Here is what is happening. And only every now and then. When it is warm outside and the accessories are being...
  3. Electrical Nightmare

    Problems & Issues
    Hey members, I'm dealing with an electrical issue right now. Battery is good, less than 6 months old, alternator is good, both tested. However, battery light keeps coming on, and it seems as though the battery is getting drained. My mechanic tightened all the wiring connections, light went out...
  4. ELD or something else?

    Problems & Issues
    Hiya Folks- Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I have a 2005 with about 175K. I'm a long time lurker - first time poster. My battery light started blinking. Mechanic replaced the alternator. $600. Battery light still kept flashing. Mechanic replaced the 'defective'...
  5. Battery not charging, Alt & Batt good

    Maintenance and Service
    2006 Element 2WD Can a bad electronic load detector cause the alternator to not charge at all? Alternator has been replaced. Old alternator tested good? Battery tested good All fuses look good I have a .2 voltage drop between battery and alternator when car is running. No drop when car is...