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  1. 3rd Brake Pulse - Don't rear end my toaster

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was feeling inspired after doing the side indicator-blinker mod and rallied my lackluster electrical skills to do a 3rd brake light flasher. This was super easy with a kit that I got from This company: Universal Brake Light Flasher/Strober - M1 model [FLSHR_M1] - $19.95 : 3rd Brake Flasher Web...
  2. Brand new battery, new main power fuse, key in on position everything works, goes to start blowed fuse.

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2004 Element, and I’ve had my car sitting for about 2/3 weeks waiting to go to the mechanic for a new control arm. I went to start the car and it would not start, I assumed it needed a jump and it didn’t. We got a new battery and came to found out the main power fuse was blown (#19...
  3. Electrical Buzzing sound from dash - No other issues yet??

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, I've recorded a video documenting the sound that is happening. It started off as a solid buzzing sound only when i first started the car, but now its evolved into a strange on/off sequence buzz and I have no idea where its coming from, the sound persists for a few minutes after the key has...
  4. No Start No Crank - Mysteriously Intermittent!

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Honda Element forum! I've got a weird one that hopefully some of you will have some insight on. Thank you ahead of time for your responses! My friend's 2006 Element intermittently doesn't start - no turn, no crank, no attempt whatsoever from the engine to start. Sometimes when you disable...
  5. FS - 2003 Honda Element Electrical Service Workbook Manual

    Trading Post
    2003 Honda Element Electrical Service Workbook Manual - in great shape and ready to help you diagnose your 03 Element $40 obo not including shipping
  6. Starter Motor Survey

    Maintenance and Service
    My 2005 is at 114,000 miles and judging by other Hondas I have owned, I'm sure my starter motor is going to need replacement in the next 15,000 miles. If you have replaced your starter motor, could you please post what you replaced it with (Mitsuba, Bosch, Denso, Duralast, new vs...
  7. Intermittent Electrical Problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all. First time poster, long time lurker with a confounding electrical problem. Our '04 E has 180K miles. Two week ago the electrical system started acting up. The typical pattern: 1. Radio cuts out - loses power. 2. A/C cuts out a few seconds later 3. ABS light comes on 4. Windows and...
  8. Help if you can! Element only runs when scan tool is connected to obdII port

    Problems & Issues
    Im working on an 03 Honda element with a KA24. It was towed here, when i rolled it off the trailer it started right up. I drove it into the shop and decided to let it run a few minutes. I then shut it off and attempted to re-start it but got nothing. All it would do was crank over, but not fire...
  9. Odometer light issue

    Maintenance and Service
    2006 EX-P with 125,000 miles. My odometer light suddenly went out about 10 days ago. What could the issue be? Fix? (Nothing seems adversely effected otherwise.)
  10. Electrical Nightmare

    Problems & Issues
    Hey members, I'm dealing with an electrical issue right now. Battery is good, less than 6 months old, alternator is good, both tested. However, battery light keeps coming on, and it seems as though the battery is getting drained. My mechanic tightened all the wiring connections, light went out...
  11. Battery upgrade

    Problems & Issues
    I read a bunch of the older posts on battery upgrades. I want a bigger battery than the OEM battery so I can run an upgraded stereo and amp. Audiophyle suggested the Duralast 24. Others recommend the Optima Yellow top. Old posts suggest all manner of things ranging from obscure/expensive...
  12. Fire in circuit board in Passenger door

    Problems & Issues
    To the right of the speaker, inside the passenger door of my 2003 Element was a circuit board about 2"x1" with a large yellow capacitor, coiled wire transformer?, and a white resistor. 2 black and 2 grey wires were soldered to one end and 1 black and 1 grey wires were on the other end. This...
  13. AUX Socket 12V power lost

    For the second time, the AUX SOCKET power plug in front console and rear cargo area has failed on my 2005 Honda Element LE. The first time under warranty, the dealer related that the failure was in an electrical panel behind the glove box, but it was so long ago I've forgotten anything more...
  14. Starting Issue + Dash lights

    Problems & Issues
    Conditions – cold and or wet weather. (low 50s and below if wet, under 40 if dry) Not 100% of time, intermittant, but getting worse as the temps get seasonal (Middle Jersey.) Prior to start – Green key light flashing. Dome light, if set to turn on when door is open, is also flashing...
  15. Lost All Electrical Power

    Problems & Issues
    I have lost all of my electrical power on my 2007 Honda SC. The Element is completely dead. I replaced the battery with a brand new battery and it did not fix the problem. No power locks, lights, internal locks, radio, instrument panel, starter, beeping. No electrical period. Car is...
  16. Another power window issue (please help)

    Hello all. 07 sc 78000 miles. ok when moving to pa I had an issue with the plastic cable driven passenger power window failing. with only an hour before I was to load it onto a trailer to move. So I dropped it off at the dealer to fix it in place since it was down. THey just disconected the...
  17. Electrical Issues

    Problems & Issues
    2004 Honda Element EX AWD :evil: Recently the rear left amber turn signal started staying on. It would be on sometimes, off others. This would interfere with the turn signal flashing correctly. Today while sitting still with just the running light on and foot on the brake, that same rear left...
  18. Need advice - High mileage and a multitude of issues...

    Problems & Issues
    My 2005 Element has 186,600 miles on it and I'm starting to have a lot of problems. I thought it was the transmission but AAMCO doesn't think so. They are getting a P2646 code which is the same code that caused the dealership to replace the VTEC Oil Pressure Switch two times previously, the...
  19. Isolating battery drain issue

    Problems & Issues
    The battery on my 2003 Element has been inexplicably draining if left sitting for more than overnight to the point where it almost can't turn over the engine. I've traced this to the "Back Up" circuit through the fuse box, but I have no idea what that is and what exactly could be the issue. Ideas?
  20. Starter Relay Buzz?

    Problems & Issues
    Wondering if anyone has or had this problem? My '04 Element has developed a "buzzing" sound behind the gas guage cluster quite often when I attempting to start the vehicle. When this happens the starter does not engage and the Element will not start. I release the key and try again and...