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  1. 2003 Honda Element EX Electrical Issue...?

    Problems & Issues
    The Element basically starts when it feels like it :razz: No, but there doesn't seem to be a discernible common denominator for why it won't start, when it won't start. We replaced the starter less than 6 mths and just replaced the battery less than a mth ago. The possibility of a bad solenoid...
  2. Electrical issues after hooking up trailer

    Problems & Issues
    I recently connected a trailer lighting kit. Immediately after the installation there were no problems. I then borrowed my friend's trailer which had a crushed wiring harness. When I changed out the connector on the trailer there were two brown wires on the connector and only one on the trailer...
  3. Electrical problems?

    Problems & Issues
    Key out of ignition, dash lights remain on, car dies over night. 5 batteries replaced - dealers cannot find answer to why my car keeps dying. Anyone have this problem? 2006 5DR 4WD EX-P ... love my car! Thanks for reply and hope for help!
  4. Electrical issues

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Anyone else had electrical issues with the Element? Yesterday while driving, I noticed that when I slowed down to a near-stop the radio, lights--all things electrical--would shut down for a second. This morning when I tried to go to work everything was dead--no ignition, lights, nothing. Five...
  5. Ground loop fault in aux jack/12v charger?

    Problems & Issues
    2005 Honda Element LX AWD with rear sunroof: I've had this problem ever since I purchased this otherwise stellar vehicle. Any source plugged into the 3.5mm aux jack and the 12v charger will display static, interference, and pronounced alternator whine. This is not the same issue as the reduced...
  6. 2003 Starter Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All. I have my fingers crossed hoping someone can help me with this. After reviewing other posts... I dont have much doubt :grin: 2003 Element//AWD//Auto Had some issues starting the car, only during the first start up of the day. Went on about once or twice a week for about 1 month...