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  1. Trading Post
    Wonderful condition and heavily upgraded 'overlander' Honda Element Its been real gents, but now time to sell my E. Learned a ton on these forums, and most of these mods were inspired by what I've seen others do here. I spent a lot of time seeking out the perfect Element for this build and am...
  2. Honda Element Rear-Seat Floor-Latch Covers

    Get full use of your Element’s floor when you lift or remove your rear seats. A pair of heavy-duty one-piece 16ga. steel plates fit onto existing OEM floor latch rods (available as single units also). Designed for a snug fit and to support a lot of weight; enough weight that you can park your...
  3. Honda Element Passenger's Work Table-Base Model

    Now available in black! We use Odie's Oil as our finish of choice. It's a food-safe, solvent-free, non-toxic wood finish and stabilizer. Our black finish is a hand-applied finish which adds time in production, and a slightly higher cost. Our base-model work table for passenger's side of Honda...
1-3 of 3 Results