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  1. Interior
    if anyone is looking for a great alternative to getting the spare tire cover caked with mud, go onto elemmat. they have a mat that goes from the rear seats to the tailgate.
  2. Interior
    I know that there were issues with the fit of the 2008 mats, but I can't seem to find any recent reviews. All of the review threads on this mat seem to be 4 years or older. I have a 2006 EX-P and would like to hear reviews from anyone who has the Elemmat now. Have all of the issues been worked out?
  3. Interior
    Hey guys, new to the forum and a proud driver of my mom's 2004 Element. They actually adopted me (but I call them "Mom and "Dad) actually a month or so after they bought it so it is something that I have grown very attached to. In fact, this is the first car that I've driven on a public road...
  4. Interior
    I like the quality of the Elemmat tray liners, but am concerned about Elemmat's customer service. It appears from the forums that customers have had difficulty reaching them in the past, and emails I have sent to 2 of their email addresses have been returned as undeliverable. I also posted a...
1-4 of 4 Results