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  1. General Honda Element Discussion
    Hi there. I am looking for a 2010 EX exhaust OEM size. Outside diameter and inside diameter. Not the tip on the end of the exhaust. I want to put a 90 degree elbow on it but can’t find the right one to fit. Has anyone done this before? Any links to the correct stainless steel elbow? That’s...
  2. Under The Hood / Performance
    Hi all, I need to replace the cat and exhaust system on my 2008 EX, looking for advice on what to buy and where to get it. Saw a complete system at UPSW: For less than $500 it looks pretty...
  3. General Honda Element Discussion
    Hello, I’m installing a complete exhaust on a 2005 element, and the gaskets have me puzzled. The large donut obviously goes in front of the cat! But the smaller donut in the diagram shows it going between the resonator and the rear of the cat fitting over the pipe on the cat and then going into...
1-3 of 3 Results