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  1. Exterior
    Good day, everyone! I have a Honda Element 2006, EX-P. Bought it several months ago and the other day noticed missing "clips" under rear and front fenders: Can you please help me with the "proper" name of these clips (or bolts?) and the best place to buy them? And another thing, the plastic...
  2. Wax on, Wax Off
    Thought I would share this... and I wish I took before and after pics, but I have a Black 2008 Element and it was looking pretty faded.. I washed it often, but never really waxed or detailed it as I use it for a bunch of different sports. With my factory running boards losing their grey...
  3. Exterior
    Would A SC Spoiler Fit On A 03? I Wouldnt See Why Not, But In The Description Of The SC Spoiler It Says Only Fits SC Model.. & I Doubt That But I Just Wanna Be Safe. Can Anyone Clearify That For Me? So I Make The Right Desicion.. Thanks
  4. Exterior
    Does anyone know if the metal front fender panels of a 2010 EX AWD can be replaced by the black plastic fenders of an LX, for example. The metal painted fenders have a couple of black plastic trim pieces on the edges of the wheel well. Whereas the black plastic fenders are of one piece from...
1-4 of 4 Results