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exterior body work
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  1. Wax on, Wax Off
    Thought I would share this... and I wish I took before and after pics, but I have a Black 2008 Element and it was looking pretty faded.. I washed it often, but never really waxed or detailed it as I use it for a bunch of different sports. With my factory running boards losing their grey...
  2. Exterior
    Would A SC Spoiler Fit On A 03? I Wouldnt See Why Not, But In The Description Of The SC Spoiler It Says Only Fits SC Model.. & I Doubt That But I Just Wanna Be Safe. Can Anyone Clearify That For Me? So I Make The Right Desicion.. Thanks
  3. Exterior
    Does anyone know if the metal front fender panels of a 2010 EX AWD can be replaced by the black plastic fenders of an LX, for example. The metal painted fenders have a couple of black plastic trim pieces on the edges of the wheel well. Whereas the black plastic fenders are of one piece from...
1-3 of 3 Results