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  1. WTB: Dog Friendly Accessories

    Trading Post
    We have a 2009 and our dog is getting older and we need to buy things from the dog friendly kit. Ideally, the organizer (raised platform) and the fan.
  2. Wanted - Dog Friendly Package \ Kennel Organizer

    Trading Post
    We own a 2009 EX and I’m interested in a fan, if anyone has one for sale. If you have parts of the package, specifically the Kennel Organizer, I ams interested.
  3. #4 fuse keeps blowing causing overheating at idle

    Problems & Issues
    So my wife drives a 03 element. Last summer i replaced a radiator fan thinking it was going bad because the radiator fan fuse kept blowing. Everything seemed ok up until this summer when it started blowing fuses again. I thought the fan felt a little sluggish so i replaced it again thinking it...
  4. AC problems

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I have a 2003 ex with 120K miles. A short while ago the AC stopped working. I'm not much of a mechanic, but I decided to try to work out the problem. I bought the honda service repair manual and tried to figure it out. After some digging around, I figured out that the condenser...
  5. Weak Fan, or normal? (2010)

    Problems & Issues
    when i thought i possibly had a problem with my a/c at one point during this past very hot summer, i think it was more a problem with the fan (& yes, i've changed all the filters). can someone check this with their 2010 or other element & let me know if their fan works the same way? when i...
  6. Overheating

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I have a 2003 4wd ex with 160k. My car has begun to overheat in this 100+ weather. I've noticed that the fan isn't turning on. The ac fan turns on, but when I'm at a stop or driving below 30mph it isn't enough to keep temps down. I've spun the fan and it's spins freely. I'm not sure...
  7. discount parts?

    H-and-A Accessories
    Hello! I've purchased from H&A many times over the years and have always loved the prices and the service...and the fact that we can now pick up items locally instead of shipping is just icing on the cake! Does H&A also sell Honda PARTS online or direct through the dealership, or is it for...
  8. Intermittent blower fan problem

    Problems & Issues
    2005 E My blower fan works intermittently-anyone with this issue? likely a grounding issue?
  9. Heater / HVAC blower / fan not working

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone have any experience with the blower motor not working? It was working one day and the next I had nothing. I've checked the fuses associated with the heater and no luck. I imagine it could be the relay or even the motor. Does anyone know how to test the relay to see if it needs to be...
  10. HVAC control bulb replacement / changing color / converting to LED

    Maintenance and Service
    Just curious if anyone else's 1st knob for controlling the strength of the vents light has gone out? If so, is this an easy fix it yourself? The actual AC Knob and Defrost Knob lights up fine.