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  1. Midwest Element Owners
    This is my third E. Recent purchase, has minor issues that I need troubleshooting help with. I have nearly zero auto mechanic skills. Is anyone in my area interested in advising me ir can anyone tell me some reputable teliable Honda/E mechanics? I am near Bowling Green.
  2. Northeast Element Owners Club
    Hi, I'm new to the Providence area and am wondering if anyone has a mechanic they recommend, especially for service around the 120k miles mark.
  3. Western Canada Owners+Alaska E Owners!
    Hello vancouverites! I bought my 03 about a year and a half ago. It always seems to need something done to it... I've been taking it to Kingsway Honda, but the cost is adding up!!! Can anyone recommend a local non dealership mechanic? I am also interested in learning more about basic...
  4. Central Canada Owners
    Hi There, wondering if anyone can recommend a specific mechanic they trust to work on their Element in the GTA. Or do you go to a Honda Dealer for repairs etc....and if so, what is your favourite Honda Dealer to take your Element in to? (a side note, I've also got to track down 225/55r18...
1-4 of 4 Results