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floor mats

  1. 2009 - Looking for OEM Carpets

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada. Looking for OEM Carpet matts for my 2009 W subwoofer. If anyone has leads let me know :-)
  2. Designer Mat - Anyone have these?

    They have series of mats, from natural fibers to carpet\rubber. I am specifically looking at the Sisal ones in Blue, looks like a nice match for my blue interior. Anyone have these mats? Designer Mat - Sisal on CarID
  3. 2006 All-Weather Floor Mats fit 2008 LX?

    Hi everyone! I just bought a Honda Element and I am thrilled! I am looking to add floor mats though, as the previous owner did not have them in the car. I found some 2003-2006 all-weather floor mats (Honda originals) on eBay, and I was wondering if anyone knew if they would fit my 2008 Element...
  4. 5% Off All OEM Honda Floor Mats

    Honda Part World
    With Winter around the corner its time to protect your Honda Element's interior with all-weather and carpet Honda floor mats. With our OEM Honda Floor Mats You're guaranteed a perfect fitting floor mat with the durability & quality you expect from Honda Additional 5% Discount through October...
  5. Has anyone used the LL Bean Waterhog floor mats?

    I've searched, but have only found a couple posts about the LL Bean Waterhog floor mats. Has anyone ever used these in their Element? If so, what do you think of them? Or, if you know of any threads on them that I am missing, please include a link. Thanks...
  6. FS: All Season Floor Mats & Front Air Deflector off an '06

    Trading Post
    Traded in the E for a '10 Pilot back in March and I still have these in the garage. These were in / on the car for about 35K miles. Sorry for the bad pictures from my phone :), but they're attached. All Season Floor Mats - Water spots are visible due to multiple washes, these were watered...
  7. Gray or Black All Season Mats

    I have a black element and the inside floor is grey, also i have the OEM Black seat covers. Now I am going to purchase the Honda All Season Mats. Which color do you guys recommend?