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fluid change

  1. DIY Brake Bleed Bottle

    Maintenance and Service
    Tools Drill 3/32” drill bit ⅜” drill bit Vice Material Empty 32 oz /1 liter plastic bottle 3’ of ¼” plastic tubing 4” zip tie Extra cap for bottle (optional) Notes Pick a bottle with a flat base or a base wider than the top, so it will be less likely to tip over. You don’t want it too...
  2. Brake Bleed: 1-Person DIY

    Maintenance and Service
    This is my first DIY Post, so be kind with the comments... The whole operation took me 1.5 hours, including cleaning 2 clogged bleeder valves. Total cost: $14 Tools 10mm box wrench (6-point, NOT 12-point) Jack Wire brush Awl Material 32 oz / 1 liter DIY bleeder bottle 32 oz (946ml) DOT3...
  3. ATF overfill: The Demented Turkey Baster Technique

    Maintenance and Service
    Somewhere at the end of a drain & fill x3, I added too much ATF. The forum suggested using a turkey baster to remove some. That sounded better than trying to dribble ATF from the drain plug. With my luck, the dribble would turn into a flood and I'd be lying in a pool of ATF. So that left the...