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  1. Fobs for alarm aren't working.

    Problems & Issues
    Help please! I can't open my 07 element without setting off the alarm. My alarm system was installed by dealer and both the dealer and the alarm co. no longer exist. What I want to do right now is simply get into my car and take it for a drive, so how do I disconnect the alarm so I can drive it...
  2. 2007 EX - Doors won't unlock with remote

    Problems & Issues
    My remote works fine to lock the doors, but no response at all with unlock. I've tried several remotes, and the locks function fine with the built-in controls. Is this an actuator issues?
  3. Keyless entry does not work

    Problems & Issues
    So I bought my first E beginning of this year, its an 05' EX AWD, Love it! The car came with one fob and it didn't work right from the start. I tried to reprogram it, no luck. Tried with my older fob [unit to the right] which I had from a previous 05' Civic, no luck. So I went looking for the...
  4. Keyless Entry - Fob, Receiver, and ???

    Problems & Issues
    I know there is a harness under the drivers dash that the receiver plugs into. And of course the Fob. My question. Is there an antennae somewhere that is hooked to the circuit? Someone mentioned that they thought there was something in the drivers door. I am having really poor...
  5. 03 Element dx Keyless Entry issue

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    just purchased a fob from ebay and i got the wireless transmitter for under the steering wheel because in 03 keyless entry was an option. So i installed it and tried to program the remote. tried the programming method like 30 times and it won't work. My question is after i install the...
  6. 2006 e fob

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi Everyone! I recently purchased a new-to-me 2006 Element. Unfortunately they only had one FOB with it and am currently searching for another one. Does anyone have a spare FOB with the FCC ID: OUCG8D-344H-A that they would sell for a decent price? I've found them online but the price they...
  7. Remote Lock Doesn't "Confirm Honk" Anymore

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, so I'm one of those people who hits the remote lock on my car as I'm walking away from it. For this reason, I always hit the key fob twice so I can hear the "confirmation honk" as I'm walking away. Alas, yesterday, I hit the key fob twice, and my car didn't confirm that I had locked it...
  8. Need to Replace Back of Key Fob... Help?

    Hey everyone, The back of the plastic key fob for my 2007 Honda Element EX came off last night in New Year's celebrations (don't ask) and I need to replace it, as it has gone missing. The fob still works-- I bought a new 2025 battery (that fell out too) and the key fob works when I hold the...
  9. Disable/silence horn when locking?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I've only had my Element for a day, so bear with me; but is there a way to either disable or silence the horn beep when you double-lock the Element (or any Honda for that matter)? It's just so obscenely LOUD, I fear I'm waking my neighbors at night when I lock my car! I can't be the only one...