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fog light

  1. OEM Honda Fog Light Kit w/Switch

    Trading Post
    This is the genuine Honda Element Fog Light Kit, including the steering column switch. Part #08V31-SCV-103. This kit has been discontinued, and is extremely hard to find. Ordered this in the box from Honda years ago, and just never got around to installing it - and selling Element next month to...
  2. Headlight problem.

    Problems & Issues
    So here is my problem. My right side headlght is working but noticeably dimmer than the left side. Also the right blinker and side marker are on but not blinking when I use the turn signal but the rear works fine (does the fast blink as if a bulb is out except bulbs are fine). And now the blue...
  3. OEM fog lights, replacement parts

    I have only had my Honda Element for less than a month and one of my fog light lenses is already cracked in 6 places! I called the dealer to find out about replacing it and they told me they don't sell just the lenses. They said I'd have to buy another whole set of fog lights (for...
  4. OEM fog lights: installation and general questions

    Has anyone bought an Element with the fog lights? What do you think of them?? Has anyone attempted to install them afterwards? How difficult was it. I pulled the instuctions off the web and it doesn't look too easy.