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front bumper

  1. Replacing lower part of front bumper??

    Hey guys! Just joined the Element crew with a new to me 2008 Element EX-P. It has the color matched front end with textured plastic lower. Here's my issue: the car came with a few holes punched in the textured plastic of the front bumper so I'd like to replace it. When I look, it seems like...
  2. Front bumper cover and reinforcement bar

    So earlier this morning, I got into an accident with my friend's Honda Element. 2008, EX awd. Turns out that I just broke the bumper cover and reinforcement bar (or so it seems). I will upload pictures later today, but anyone have an idea of what I'd need to fix it (tools, any small parts) and...
  3. Element 05 - OEM front Bumper

    Problems & Issues
    Recently had a bumper replacement done by local bodyshop. The black faded horribly. Geico covered the warranty and allowed me to have it replaced with Honda OEM as opposed to the previous after market application. The bumper arrived but does not nearly match the black along side the side and...
  4. 2007 sc wife wrecked it....please help!

    My wife rear ended someone in our 2007 element sc. im trying to find parts and am having trouble finding the front bumper cover. the only place i can find it is from the dealer. also, it looks like the front bumper cover doesnt include the lower section that houses the fog lights. does anyone...
  5. '05 lx Bumper

    As you probably know the 2005 lx panels are "grey" not "warm grey" like the EX editions. I had a small accident and am in need of a new front bumper. The problem is that I have been unable to find a "grey" bumper. All the places (websites) i've checked just have the EX's "warm gray"...
  6. My Poor E

    So today i just went to the dealer and got a fluid flush and oil change for my beloved E and then washed it and waxed it at my firehouse. Low and behold on the way home i wind up getting into an accident....FML. So what happened was i got some oil on my boot and at the merge lane where i was...