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  1. Low speed vibration when driving in high gear (AT)

    Problems & Issues
    I searched through the vibration related threads and could not find the same description, so figured one more thread on a unique vibration may pull some more experience to my troubleshooting. 2007 SC 204k miles, 5AT, bought used (no vehicle history), no check engine light. The vibration only...
  2. New front tire slipping/growling

    Problems & Issues
    My 07 E just got new Yokohama yk580s after ripping up my tires on some bad roads. Now the front left tire sounds like it's slipping badly on take off. Once it is rolling, even a little bit, it's fine. No problems at speed. It's been 3 weeks now and it's still making a growling noise unless I'm...
  3. Keeler Honda Warning (Latham NY)

    Northeast Element Owners Club
    This is a warning to anyone dealing with Keeler Motor Car. In 2007, we purchased a 2006 Element EX-P with 24,000 miles on it, for $19,000. They showed us a Carfax that said it had never been in an accident. We recently had it appraised by two different dealers, both of whom quickly pointed...
  4. Creaking/Groaning front end

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I have a creaking noise coming from my front end that started randomly one day and it has been driving me crazy. I took it to honda and they recommended stabilizer links, struts, and tie rod ends. I did all of that myself plus the front and rear sway bar bushings and the noise is still...
  5. Bushings & Ball Joints

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I have a 2004 Honda Element. I am planning on driving from NY to FL, round trip for the holidays, so got a diagnositic on front end as it squeaks when driving over rough roads, especially in the mornings. Vehicle drives and steers fine, just is a bit noisy, overall whirring noise from front end...
  6. Noise when turning tight radius

    Problems & Issues
    I feel like since the first time I put on chains to get up to Hood, when I turn tight spaces (parking,etc.) I get a noise emanating from the wheels/steering column. The best way to describe it to me would be like big knobby tires on pavement; each tread rubbing/gripping into the cracks of the...
  7. Front End thud

    Maintenance and Service
    I am a NYC driver and recently started to notice some front end issues... I have started to get a bounce in the frontend at moderate speeds (30-40mph), if applying the brake (esp in a turn) my E starts to bounce bad enough to give me the willies. And if I hit a bump/pothole just right the...