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  1. 09 seats replacement

    Hello HE crew...I have a ???.... I have an 09 gry body with peanut butter seats....I would like to replace them with black ones..... 1) Are there seats from any other Honda or Acura that will work. Thanks
  2. Take out front passenger seat for sleeping

    Hey guys, I have been reading up about taking out the front passenger seat and how that messes up the airbags and stuff. I don't really care about that to much. I'm going to be trying to live in my element, at least during the cold months out of the year so I am planning to take out that front...
  3. FS: Honda Element All-weather Seat Covers

    Trading Post
    For anyone interested I'm selling my All-Weather Front Seat Covers. They retail at about $70 each but I'm selling both of mine for $65.00. They're definitely used but in decent condition with no tearing, rips or major stains although. I'm in Frederick, MD and would be available for a local...
  4. Wide open Element Camper (Front passenger seat removed)

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    Passenger seat, removing I am considering the E to replace my Ford pickup, and I want to know if anyone has removed the front passenger seat to accomodate longer cargo items. If you have removed your seat, how long did it take and how difficult was it? What tools were required? Did the seat...