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  1. Replacing lower part of front bumper??

    Hey guys! Just joined the Element crew with a new to me 2008 Element EX-P. It has the color matched front end with textured plastic lower. Here's my issue: the car came with a few holes punched in the textured plastic of the front bumper so I'd like to replace it. When I look, it seems like...
  2. Front end vibration

    Problems & Issues
    Yes, I know this is a pretty common topic. But there are so many potential causes, my hope is that with a good description someone can help narrow my problem down a bit. 2003 Element, AWD and auto trans, 134K miles, a recent purchase so I don't know its history. I just had the rear struts...
  3. Front Strut Longevity?

    Maintenance and Service
    116,000 miles on my 2005 Element. Just replaced both rear strut assemblies due to one leaking fluid and need to get an alignment. However, front right strut mount is squeaking but otherwise both struts are in good shape. Debating whether to replace just strut mount (about $130 for both sides...
  4. Adjustable Front Camber

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    So I was wondering if anyone has ever added adjustable front camber bolts to their element. If so I was wondering what brand you purchased. Also what your thoughts are on the product. Thanks :)
  5. Rattling front end at 45MPH

    Problems & Issues
    Recently, I've started to hear a rattling sound up near the front end of my car. I believe it's passenger side and it kind of sounds like metal scraping the ground or an even better example is that it sounds like a slinky going back and forth. I'm thinking possibly a loose heat shield of some...
  6. Rear brake pads worn before fronts???

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I brought my '04 E in to Honda dealer for front pad replacements. Upon checking, the service rep said that the front pads have 4mm left but that the rear are at 2mm. I have 55,000mi. Does it make any sense that the rears would have more wear than the front? I have never had my brakes worked...
  7. Front door window broken

    The driver side window (main door) exploded on me today while traveling on a rural stretch of a major interstate. This is more than a little scary at 65+ miles an hour. The outside temp was approx 72. The inside just a little cooler as I was running vented outside air. All other windows were...