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gas mileage

  1. Improving aerodynamics

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Drove from California to Illinois and did these temporary mods to my Element. I was able to achieve up to 34 MPG at speeds of 70 to 75 MPH with good weather conditions. This was significantly reduced when winds were strong and when I had to drive through a couple storms. Other factors: -I also...
  2. Question: Improving MPG by Turning Engine Off

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I own a new 2008 Honda Element EX with a little over 2000 miles on it and so far I am disappointed with my MPG. I'm employing conservative driving techniques ... gliding to stops, light on the gas pedal, etc. Here are my questions about turning off your E to improve MPG while waiting at long...
  3. New Injen Exhaust

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Well, I finally had my new Injen exhaust installed on my '08 TRP! Sounds real sweet! And the guy at the muffler shop only charged me $32 bucks! Took him all of 30 minutes to install. My E is a 4WD and the exhaust was a straight forward bolt in unit. Will be interested in seeing if this does...
  4. Fuel Economy/Gas Mileage Issues & Gripes

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    my partner and i were stoked when we bought this honda because of its weird looks and supposedly good honda gas sipping mileage. but after 3 months of owning it we still only range about 15-17 mpg!! The car was a year old when we bought it but it still only has like 18k miles on it. Ive done...