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  1. Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Hello, I just took a trip From Gainesville, Ga to St. Simon, Ga. I messed up on the way down with my gas because of I forgot that the Element likes show the gas light with 4 gallons left early and ended up refilling. But on the way back from St. Simon, Ga we Stopped in Savannah River Street and...
  2. Problems & Issues
    Today i check spark plug to find why the E is so greedy on gas since more than 6 months . The spark plug is white, not the brown it's should be ! The manifold dont seems to be crack , the check engine light come on for smal leak on evaporative system ( not for oxygen sensor) Where to look ??? Thanks
  3. Trading Post
    I have an OEM Honda Locking gas cap that came with my car when it was new. First thing I did was take it off. If anyone wants it, let me know. first $20 plus shipping gets it. If you're local to Victoria or Vancouver area, $20 flat. Honda's...
  4. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hello Group I have searched this forum and found no reference for the Wilco HitchGate. Spare tire carrier w/option for gas/water cans. Mounts in 2" hitch, tongue weight 300lbs. Minimum. It is expensive by this forums standards, it does swing out of the way...
  5. Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    I'm looking to take some long road trips and I'll be living out of my E for most if not all of the trip. Some pretty good sections will be rural with gas stations spaced out pretty far. Anyone else bringing gas cans with them? I have roof racks, but no hitch. I was thinking about getting 1 or...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    I just found this little gem for sale at one of my favorite websites How about that for a schweet little add-on for the ****pit. I was used to having a display similar to this in my Grand Cherokee. It had a nice trip computer which showed...
  7. Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys, WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUEL FILTER?? I just looked ( in the dark mind you ) for like 20 minutes but couldn't find it. Please let me know. I'll post results if this thing works. Thanx Chap
1-7 of 7 Results