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  1. Exterior
    As my Element approaches thirteen years old with two chips in the windshield I’m wondering about a future replacement. I still carry glass coverage and if a third chip should occur I will not settle for a repair. But with cars of this age where do windshields come from? Does the Element share a...
  2. Problems & Issues
    sorry to clog up the forums, but quick question: could this be an aftermarket side mirror? I had to replace it to pass inspection and removing the glass in the standard way didn't work at all and I broke the mirror. Once I looked behind the panel/mirror holder thing, I noticed there weren't...
  3. Problems & Issues
    Whenever I drive on the highway on my E, I hear this whistling noise coming from somewhere (I think it is the windshield) but not too sure. Any ideas on this?
  4. Exterior
    The driver side window (main door) exploded on me today while traveling on a rural stretch of a major interstate. This is more than a little scary at 65+ miles an hour. The outside temp was approx 72. The inside just a little cooler as I was running vented outside air. All other windows were...
1-4 of 5 Results