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  1. 'E'ccessories
    Need help finding items Hey guys. I'm having issues finding a few things that fit my E. I have a 2007 SC (root beer) A brush guard (grill guard, bull bars, whatever they're called. The ones that cover the lights as well) Tail light covers Mud (splash) flaps Running boards Roof basket...
  2. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was inspired by another member of this website with the DIY black gutter guard that I purchased at Lowes. I purchased 3 products as per fellow member ELdabarge did in his Lowes' Grille addon. The only difference is that I put the grilles behind. 1) InvisaFlow Black Metal Lock-In Gutter...
  3. Exterior
    just installed this the other day, and documented it. Happy with the results.
  4. Trading Post
    I have two grille items below for sale. They are both used & I will pay for Fed Ex Ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 continental states. I recently updated my grille & removed these. Check my cardomain page to see my new grille. I know many wont have a use for the OEM grille unless you...
  5. Trading Post
    had these on my truck for a few months. they are in great shape. top grille went in after removing the factory grille and mounted with 4 zipties (which i will include new ones) and the lowers pinch fit in with supplied phillips screws/and brackets. pictures of my truck with them installed are...
  6. 'E'ccessories
    I need help with my brush guard I ordered a brush guard from Truck Gear Direct through ebay and the page says it will fit my 2009 Element. I tried mounting it today and I have ran into several problems, some of them I have fixed but an starting to get upset with the guard and had to take it...
  7. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    does anyone know of a pdf or a link on this forum that shows how to remove the existing top grill on an 04. i know i can take the bumper off and "figure it out" but id like to see it on paper b4 i decide to unhook everything.:) if anyone can help. thanx a bunch. -e-
  8. Under The Hood / Performance
    First off i don't want to spend much and i really just want a new tip and whatever will make it sound a little louder and deeper. Every time i go to an exhaust shop they tell me i need this this this and this and it will cost me $600. I was wondering if anyone has spent like $150 or less and...
1-8 of 8 Results