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  1. Help finding items

    Need help finding items Hey guys. I'm having issues finding a few things that fit my E. I have a 2007 SC (root beer) A brush guard (grill guard, bull bars, whatever they're called. The ones that cover the lights as well) Tail light covers Mud (splash) flaps Running boards Roof basket...
  2. Just installed Hunter Grill Guard on my 07

    just installed this the other day, and documented it. Happy with the results.
  3. Fog Light Preference?

    Im a 2 year element owner but new to this site and want to see how much help it can really be! I have ordered a Hunter Brush Guard for my 06 E and waiting for it to come in. Im looking around for some fog lights to mount on the guard itself in front of the grill. Anyone have any suggestions on a...
  4. Grille Guards and Driving Lights

    I've been thinking about purchasing a grill guard and driving lights to go on it for my E. I found an older thread in here (click here for it) that talked about some grille guards. One really interested me, a guard by Manik. I've done lots of browsing the web and searching but can't seem to...
  5. Brush Guard for the 10?

    I need help with my brush guard I ordered a brush guard from Truck Gear Direct through ebay and the page says it will fit my 2009 Element. I tried mounting it today and I have ran into several problems, some of them I have fixed but an starting to get upset with the guard and had to take it...
  6. Bumper Guards??

    I posted this a while back, but didn't get many answers so I'll try again: Am parking an E on the mean streets of NYC. Does anyone know of any sort of bumper guard(s) that can be installed front and rear that offer some protection from these idiots :x who parallel park by slamming the car in...