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  1. '05 Rear tailgate/hatch stuck for months.

    Problems & Issues
    Issue: My rear tailgate/hatch is stuck shut. It has been for months.:-( I can't fit large items in the vehicle now and I'm tired of wedging bikes in through the side doors! I'm off today, and after successfully replacing the serpentine belt Saturday, I figured that I'd give fixing this issue a...
  2. Hatch Closing Issue

    My hatch is closed, nothing in the E, & as i drive the trunk light in the dashboard & rear hatch dome light flicker on & off. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? I cant set my alarm or lock the doors because it thinks the hatch is open. Does anyone know where the sensor is? It...
  3. Rear hatch bug screen

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I am working on a velcro rear hatch screen. I think having the rear hatch open while sleeping/lounging in the summer would provide tons oaf fresh air. I am building a screen that would attach to the back hatch top opening (bottom closed) via small specks of velcro! Thanks to my 77 vw camper...