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head gasket

  1. Blown head gasket (maybe worse?)... Just get a new engine?

    Problems & Issues
    This has been a long saga of garbage. I bought a money pit with out getting it properly inspected with a buyers check (first mistake). I had issues with the car from the beginning. I had phantom problems with my V-tec solenoid, it had been replaced several times, and the oil was flushed, but...
  2. Flushing Radiator/Cooling system after headgasket

    Maintenance and Service
    So I had a bad head gasket, Oil leaking in the cooling system but no coolant in the oil... Went a head and swapped the motor and am still working on cleaning the oil out.. I have flushed about 4 times now, not doing the heater core, Today should be the last time and am flushing the core with...
  3. The Rallement may be on it's last leg

    Problems & Issues
    *sigh* all signs point to head gasket. I'm burning coolant at a significant rate over the last 3 days after having just flushed the system and putting in a new thermostat. my little Rallement has 330,xxx miles on it. aside from 3 valve jobs, the motor has been unopened. i'm sad. do i fix...
  4. Costly head gasket repair?

    Problems & Issues
    2003 EX with 110,000 miles. Ran the car with radiator fan out until overheating caused boilover from radiator. Mechanic did pressure test on cooling system that showed head gasket damage. For the purpose of this post, please assume the test was correct. The mechanic estimated $2500 for engine...
  5. Tips and tricks for replacing my head gasket?!

    Problems & Issues
    Hello fellow E lovers... oops... I mean drivers! Well.. Same thing I guess, if you've driven it, you love it! Anyways.. I have a strong feeling that my head gasket has a small breach. I feel this way because the Coolant drops steady, I need to add 500ml of coolant every oil change...