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  1. Sub Not Working

    I recently installed a new Boss Audio Double Din head unit on my 05 Element EX, and almost everything is working exceptionally. My add-on backup camera, all 4 door speakers, bluetooth calls, the works. The only thing that doesnt seem to be working (and it MIGHT be and i am just not noticing) is...
  2. 2005 Radio/CD/Auxiliary Head Unit Glitching

    Problems & Issues
    So my stock 2005 head unit with Radio, CD, Auxiliary capabilities took a dump on me. One day while using the auxiliary, the unit switched from my auxiliary music to a CD that it was holding. Then the CD plays for a few minutes and switches back to what I had been playing on the auxiliary. I have...
  3. That Dern Green/Black Reverse Sensor Wire

    Mobile Electronics
    ARGHHHH!!! I have installed a new double DIN head unit and everything works so far - great tip about grounding the parking brake wire as I don't ever want to play a DVD in the E but I couldn't access the bluetooth menu until I grounded it... Now to install the backup camera and I need to find...
  4. Pocket Change Inside CD Player

    Mobile Electronics
    Our (then) three year old apparently filled our 2004 Honda Element EX's OEM CD Player with coins, some 2yrs. ago or so now. Anyone out there have any tips as to how to remove them, or any success stories in this presumably obscure scenerio? Since the OEM head unit was made by Alpine, and...
  5. Head Unit and Speaker compatibility

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently acquired a new Head Unit: I noticed the manual says not to use any speaker impedance between 1 and 3 ohm. My center-console sub is as follows: Brand: Kicker Type: Non-Enclosed Subwoofer RMS Power: 150W Voice Coil...
  6. Another HU install amp question.

    Mobile Electronics
    I am upgrading my HU to the pioneer Abu-x2500. My factory HU is starting to die, it no longer plays cd's, and everything I've read makes this sound like a good for my need. The question I have is on installing it. From what I've read I should get some RCA connectors for the wiring harness to...
  7. ABS light turns on and head unit turns off??

    Problems & Issues
    When i let off of my gas pedal, my abs light comes on, and my head unit turns off. What could be causing the problem, i have already checked the fuses both under my steering wheel, and under my hood. I'm not sure what else it could be.
  8. Intalling Pioneer P6200BT HU on 2003 DX

    Mobile Electronics
    So I have already grown tired of the factory HU on my 03' DX - no line in, no changer, no MP3 playback, and adapting it to line in would cost ~$60-80. I did some cursory research (went through this forum, asked a few sales people) and decided to pick up the Pioneer P6200BT. It seems to do...
  9. FS: 08 SC Radio

    Trading Post
    i have a stock head unit from my 2008 SC. The head unit came out of the car with less than 500 miles. im asking $225 shipped