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  1. Mechanic Monkey Business?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Could anyone tell me if there are there any markings on a stock cylinder head that match it to the block? Recently had someone do a valve repair and within 2 weeks the head gasket blew. I am no doing the repair myself, but prior to reassembling I would like to know if he potentially...
  2. 07 Element EX Manual 4WD - Oil? in Radiator

    Maintenance and Service
    My 2007 Element EX, ~52,000 needs help! I went to change my oil and checked the rest of my fluids as a matter of habit, only to find that my coolant looked like coffee with cream. The hose in the overflow tank has a slight sludge buildup on it that is the same color. Now, I *fear* head gasket...
  3. LOL! Bird humping man's head. Just Watch.

    Club X - Off-Topic Discussions
    Got this from H-T. Haven't seen it over here yet. Fast forward to 00:38. Enjoy!