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  1. Anyone have any experience with Xenon-Vision HIDs?

    Been kicking around the idea of upgrading my headlights to projectors with HIDs. And amongst all my research I ran across a company called Xenon-Vision out of Canada. I checked out their offerings and they have a 35w HID system for $69! Thats including a 2 year warranty on both bulbs and...
  2. Headlight Clamp Substitute?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi. I have a 2005 EX. I'm replacing a burned out driver's side headlight and noticed that the wire clamp (a swinging gate that locks the headlight in place after insertion) is broken. Anyone got a MacGyver workaroud for this clamp? The Honda dealership said the clamp is part of the...
  3. FS: Side Steps, Mud Flaps/Guards, LH Headlight OEM (FL)

    Trading Post
    All Items came off of an 2008 Element EX and are USED. Available for local pick up in Central Florida (Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Flagler, Lake, Brevard Counties). I will meet halfway for delivery. The Mud Flaps and Headlight I will ship to the 48 states, you will pay shipping. The Side Steps...
  4. JDM headlamp part ID

    Hi All. This forum was a great help to me a few years back when I imported my 05 US Element to the UK, now (after several years of confusing the British public & Honda dealerships with a very unusual car) I've got a few more questions I hope you can help with. My questions are about a set of...
  5. Headlights Down Every 6 Months

    Problems & Issues
    Over the last 3-4 years I've been replacing the headlights on the E every 6 months or so because either one or both go out. We live in NYC and figured that bad road conditions contribute to this problem, but I'm starting to think it's more electrical. Yesterday I noticed again that one of my...
  6. Headlight problem.

    Problems & Issues
    So here is my problem. My right side headlght is working but noticeably dimmer than the left side. Also the right blinker and side marker are on but not blinking when I use the turn signal but the rear works fine (does the fast blink as if a bulb is out except bulbs are fine). And now the blue...
  7. Baked/Cleared headlights (amber removed) on '08 SC

    So I decided to remove the amber reflectors from my 08 SC. Checked with the transportation safety act to ensure it's all kosher.. [paraphrased quote] " long as front turn signals or marker lights are white or amber, you're golden. Likewise for the rear being amber or red..." Check. I...
  8. Headlight care?

    Wax on, Wax Off
    Anyone use something to protect their clear plastic on the headlights? My 16 year old Ford has plastic headlights that are yellowed and dull. I used some WD 40 on them, after reading about it on a forum and it does make them look better for a short time, till it rains, I guess. So I have seen...
  9. Headlight Replace Guide - w/pictures

    Maintenance and Service
    Some people have asked for a visual guide on replacing the headlights on the Element. I took some pictures of the process to hopefully make it easier to do. 1. Locate the headlight under the hood. This is the passenger side headlight. 2. Disconnect this plug by pulling it toward the rear of...
  10. Headlight aiming / adjusting

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi there "Co-ElementOrs" just wondered if anyone knows how to increase the height the headlamps shine on the road, mine are much too low. I looked in the owners manual but it say's to bring it in for this. Don't have the time any body help? Thanks Bill S. :?:
  11. Fog light and headlight lens protection

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was wondering whether or not anyone has installed the optically-clear plasic film to the Element's headlamp lenses for protection against a stray rock cracking the lenses? 8)