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  1. OEM vs Aftermarket Heatercore

    Maintenance and Service
    I scoured the internet but couldn't find a good comparison on the OEM vs after market heater-core parts. OEM element heater-cores are $265 and most after-market such as "spectra premium" are closer to $100. Any one have any detailed insights besides just "always oem for everything"?
  2. HVAC 'enough' heat on driver's side?

    OK, first things first. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. It's winter here already. We have been known to have -55F temps - altho' less so in the last few years. My 2010 Element (LX trim level) is relatively new to me and this will be my first winter with it. I'm getting used to winter again -...
  3. Heater Core Clogged?? Try Backflushing

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, I recently bought a used Element with 160K. The heat inside was very poor even with the fan turned up on high or low and eventually it would blow cool air after about 3 minutes. I'm putting this thread up so maybe it'll help someone. I removed the hose clamps and hoses from the...
  4. Intermittent Heat - adjustment knob or worse?

    Hello everyone I just bought a used 2006 MT Element and there seems to be an issue with the heat control. It was working a few days ago. I've read another thread where the adjustment knob is supposed to click when you turn it - but mine turns smoothly with no noise. Also the backlight of the...
  5. Heat ducts cooling off one by one

    Maintenance and Service
    So here's a strange problem, and I'm not sure where to ask it. The driver's side outer (round) air duct started blowing cooler and cooler until it is now little better than fresh (cold) air. At first, it was just that one duct. about a week later, I've noticed that the driver's side center dash...
  6. defrost

    Problems & Issues
    I just got my 2004 Element this fall and hadn't driven it in a Wisconsin winter, now that I have - I have found that the defrost does not work very well. The windshield was icing up in freezing rain. I had the defrost on high at full heat. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?
  7. For heat, I need the recirculation on?

    Problems & Issues
    I bought a 2003 Element (with less than 33K miles!) just a few weeks ago, and I love it. But I'm having an intermittent heat problem. I drove to work (about 25 miles) one cold morning unable to get heat. The fan worked great, though. That morning, when I turned the engine over, the...
  8. HVAC control bulb replacement / changing color / converting to LED

    Maintenance and Service
    Just curious if anyone else's 1st knob for controlling the strength of the vents light has gone out? If so, is this an easy fix it yourself? The actual AC Knob and Defrost Knob lights up fine.