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  1. 2007 LX Questions - Help me evaluate!

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hello! I'm thinking about becoming a new Element owner. I'm considering picking up this one but feel the price should be down to $5k or so at that mileage, maybe I'm wrong? Any thoughts on this one overall? 5J6YH27367L007688 | 2007 Honda Element LX for sale in Draper, UT Currently own a rarely...
  2. Reputable Honda Mechanic in Baltimore/Maryland area for persistent thumping issue!!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone. First post. Bought my 2006 Element EX brand new and currently have 178,000 miles. Engine strong, knock on wood, but I have an issue with the left front wheel. There is a thumping sound and I have been to several mechanics who can‘ figure it out. It happens at any speed. Had...
  3. Question about transmissions

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Quick question will a transmission from a 2003 element fit into a 2006 element? Both automatic AWD.
  4. Planning An E-Camper Conversion

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi! I'm new here, and I do not yet own a Honda Element which is why I have this question. I'm planning to convert my Honda Element into a camper and I wanted to remove the interior plastic panels in the cargo area to provide more room. Is there anyone who has removed their interior panels...
  5. Wire factory backup camera to aftermarket head unit

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I’m looking for some help with wiring the EX factory backup camera to an aftermarket head unit with an RCA camera input. I know adapters exist but I cannot find one for a 2010 Element. I’m prepared to splice wires but don’t know where to start. Please help! Thank you in advance!
  6. wedding trip PA -> GA, minimal sleeper conversion

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey all - I've got a cousin's wedding in Macon, GA coming up at the end of September, and I'm trying to get there as cheaply as possible, and see some things along the way. If I can get all the time I want off work, I'd make it a 2 day trip down, stay for a few days, and a 2 day trip back up (13...
  7. Front End Clunking Noise

    Problems & Issues
    I've been having an issue with my 2007 Honda Element EX 4wd Over the Past 2 1/2 - 3 months I've had a clunking noise coming from what I believe to be somewhere in the front end of my suspension. It started after some pretty regular driving on dirt roads that were washboarded pretty bad. I say...
  8. thermostat location

    Maintenance and Service
    Please describe to me where the thermostat on my 05 element is located. I know the radiator hoses go into the front of the engine behind the radiator and also the driver side of the engine. Thank you so much for you help and guidance.
  9. Battery Issues with 2008 Element

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2008 Honda Element. I've been having issues with the battery over the past year and a half. If I drive the car every day or every other day it works great. If it sits in the garage for more than a day or two forget about it -- completely dead. Then I jump it and it's completely fine...
  10. AC issues...

    Problems & Issues
    Okay so I know this isn't really a Element only issue, but my AC went out a few weeks ago and I finally filled it up with a regular can from Autozone (with the hose attached for low side gauging only), and it didn't even use all of it from empty to full (its a pretty big can though) Problem is...
  11. Rusted/Falling Out Exhaust Manifold

    Problems & Issues
    So I took my lovely 03' Element to my local Honda Dealership this morning, after hearing a loud rattling/vibrating sound under the hood one for the first time on Monday morning. After about an hour sitting in their waiting room they tell me that the exhaust manifold is rusted and falling off of...
  12. Thermostat/Air Conditioner

    Problems & Issues
    I am going to apologize if an answer to this has already been posted but I don't have time to cypher through all of the threads here to find it so I'm just going to ask again. A few months back, my girlfriend's stepfather and I changed out the thermostat on her Honda Element (this was my first...
  13. 180k+ Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    Hello to All!!! I am a new member as of today. I am the original owner of my '04 Element and have over 180K miles on it. Always done the servicing on time and oil changes at 5k - 7.5k intervals. I need some advise ... Recently ( Sept 1st ) I had my 1st 'check engine light' come on. It turned...
  14. Audio Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Element owners, I recently had to have my 2007 SC jumped because the battery was shot (I still had the original after 5 years so it was about time to get a new one) but after I had the car jump started the audio displayed and error and stopped working. I tried various codes to try and start...
  15. Broken Armrest Storage Compartment - Help

    Good Afternoon! I've been reading this forum for years, but this is the first time I've made a post. I just purchased my second Element, an 07 EX. Recently the drivers side armrest / deluxe storage compartment on my E broke off entirely from the seat. After some investigation I discovered...
  16. Starting problems

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hello, can some give me some advice. I purchased my vehicle used and a day or two later the srs light came on... i took it back to where I purchased it and they said they fixed it... the light came back on and the vehicle is has become difficult to start. (sluggish, sometimes i have to wait a...
  17. Dumbfounded on these brakes. 03 Element EX

    Maintenance and Service
    Okay so my sister's element had completely trashed rear rotors, pads, and calipers. The driver side caliper was so bad half of the piston had been ground off from touching the rotor. So new loaded calipers and rotors and life is good, for a few weeks. Now the driver side rear caliper I would...