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  1. Anyone have any experience with Xenon-Vision HIDs?

    Been kicking around the idea of upgrading my headlights to projectors with HIDs. And amongst all my research I ran across a company called Xenon-Vision out of Canada. I checked out their offerings and they have a 35w HID system for $69! Thats including a 2 year warranty on both bulbs and...
  2. JVC KW-V830BT - Back Up Camera Viewing Any Time

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey Guys - I have the JVC KW-V830BT - and I want to install Back Up Camera, and Front Camera, and Thinking about it would be cool to be able to be in Park and Access the camera to watch my transitional spaces. Anyone do this? Is this possible?
  3. HID Kit

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm interested in getting an HID Kit for my baby and I was wondering who was any good. I know I should get an AC type of Kit but what watt ballast should I get and where should I buy them. I'm also curious what color or brightness I should get (6500K 8000K)? Thank you. Anything helps!
  4. Projector Headlights?

    Has anyone bought these Projector Headlights? I would do a proper retrofit, but working 2 jobs and having to spend family time during my 1 day off a week is making it unrealistic for me achieve this. These seem like a great and quick alternative for me. Any input is appreciated!
  5. FS: HID kit for SC's H11 bulbs

    Trading Post
    These were in my truck for about 8 months. they are 6k color, which for those who dont know is white white, but not overly blue. this kit has 2 relay harnesses and everything just as it was removed from my truck. you only need to plug the pins/harnesses into your low beam harness and attach...
  6. HID noob

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello EOC! I searched and searched and found small tidbits on HID kits for the E, such as what temps people are buying, how they installed them, yadda yadda. But I still have a couple questions unanswered. I would absolutely love to get some HIDs, I just want to tap in to this awesome resource...
  7. HID kits

    I know this topic has been discussed heavily here but im a newbie to the HID world and would like some clarification. First, are projector lenses required for an HID conversion? Second, I'm looking for a conversion that will give me the brightest, whitest, and widest dispersion of light...
  8. HID projectors!

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    HID headlight conversion Has anybody in the EOC successfully installed an HID(high intensity discharge) lighting system on their E w/o butchering the lens housing? I tried to install an Acura TSX kit and couldn't get the bulb to fit in the housing. It's about 15mm too long and any other HID...