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  1. Shipping Element to Europe

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    No idea where to post this. Anyone have any experience with taking their E over the pond and driving it around? I've got a dozen websites with various price quotes of how much to get it there, but wondering if any of you have done it or know where the cheapest port/taxes/fees destination in...
  2. 20,000 miles ! Good Gravy !!

    Trailers, Campers and Teardrops… oh my!
    Yesterday Hobox crossed the 20,000 mile mark on its maiden voyage. That's once around the Earth and then some (all in North America). This is over 5 months with the two of us living inside! (see the blog at And we're ready for more! (well the cat might have a few reservations)...
  3. Hobox sponsorship

    Ask The Dealer
    Dear Dealers and/or Honda, I bought a 2003 Element a few months ago with 115,000 miles on it. It's a 2WD manual transmission and I've just driven 16,000 miles around the U.S. and she is still purring and ready to go. I'm working on a novel while traveling and modified the interior into a...
  4. New York Elementals ... where do I park ?!

    Northeast Element Owners Club
    Hey all, Hobox arrives in the Big Apple today. I built a bed into my Element and have been traveling over 10,000 miles in the last few months, starting in Los Angeles. We'll find street parking if possible, but if you have any ideas, let us know. (our travel blog, if curious -...