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  1. Deadman's Pass, OR

    Deadman's Pass, OR

  2. Grinding/Clicking Noise | Only While Coasting In Gear - 2005 5-Speed Element

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to throw my issue out there for some feed back. Will be taking the girl into the shop soon anyways, but would really like to narrow the issue down. When driving up to speed <25mph I hear a grinding noise shortly after I let off the throttle. I could be in 2nd-5th gear...
  3. 2005 AC Blower Motor Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    Symptoms: 2005 Honda Element, AC blower motor developed a noise over time, like something was being hit by the squirrel cage fan. Wasn't running as fast as it used to, either. Also, developed some dead spots in it that if you kicked the underside of the dash, it would start up again. Not the AC...
  4. New "used" honda element wana-be.

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi, I am looking to be a new "USED ELEMENT OWNER". All i have ever owned and driven are Toyota RAV 4s. I got into an accident in July (Thank God nobody was injured) but my lovely baby was a total loss. I have always loved Honda Elements - i just find them to be different and i have always...
  5. Relocate emergency hand brake

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have an 04 Honda Element. I am wanting to build a custom box/arm rest between the front seats. Has anyone relocated the emergency hand brake or installed some kind of electronic actuator so that I can use all that space between the seats. Any help with "how to" and parts would be awesome...
  6. Notes re installing Sony CDX-GT740UI in 2003 EX

    Mobile Electronics
    I installed a Sony CDX-GT740UI FM/AM Compact Disk Player in a 2003 Honda Element EX today for my daughter. Along with the radio I ordered a Scosche HA1701B housing and the Metra 70-1725 harness from Amazon. I also ordered a Pro.Fit International DM-40-22 Dash Trim Removal Tool from Amazon...
  7. FS: 2006 Rallye Red Element EX AWD Auto $13k

    Trading Post
    This is my 2006 Honda Element EX, with AWD and an Automatic transmission. The car currently has 107,xxx miles on it. I purchased this E a few months ago from CarMax, which performs a pretty thorough inspection on all of the cars that they sell. It has new front lower control arms and bushings...