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  1. Interior
    I received our new Storage Armrest from H and A this week and just couldn't wait 'til the weekend so I could put it in. Little did I realize that it would literally only take 15 minutes to install, otherwise I would've done it sooner. :D Anyway, here're some of the shots after install...
  2. 'E'ccessories
    This question may have been asked before but why can't I install arm rests in a standard? I love my car but long rides would be much more comfy if I could rest my arm on something. Does anyone know?
  3. Interior
    Greetings E-persons, I just finished installing the Storage armrest accessory from Honda. I posted last week worrying about cutting into the seat cover for the install but it really is a piece of cake!!:) use your hands to press into the seat cover over the spot the armrest will go and you will...
  4. Interior
    I recently ordered the Driver's side Armrest with storage for my 2007 Element. Now that it is installed I thought I would give my review and share some images for those of you interested in adding this to your E. Pros and Cons (images below) Pros This armrest gives your arm a large...
1-4 of 4 Results