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  1. Trading Post
    Hello, for sale by owner is our 2008 Honda Element EX AWD. Highest trim level with AWD, moonroof and updated model year with 5-speed auto transmission for improved fuel economy. Runs and drives great with no creaks or rattles. Suspension is tight and vehicle tracks straight. Transmission shifts...
    $4,800 USD
  2. Mid-Atlantic Element Owners
    Hi all. Opening back up the mid-Atlantic thread maybe? Former 2003 owner for 11 years. Took a break. Now own a 2007 EX and want to change out the rear struts and a few less critical mods and repairs. Prefer to pick out my parts and bring them to the shop. But not married to that idea. Anyone...
  3. Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Does a Honda fit have Awd? Can I get a Honda Fit 4 wheel drive?
  4. 20200306_220031.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 1 lifted,overland,overlander,honda,element,hi,high,top,awd,4,wheel,drive
  5. 20200308_174341.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top 2
  6. 20200308_181057.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 3
  7. 20200308_184213.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 4
  8. 20200309_153353.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 5
  9. 20200310_085355.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 6
  10. 20200317_151747.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 7
  11. 20200622_073909.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 8 camper
  12. IMAG2343.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 9
  13. Under The Hood / Performance
    Video does no justice. :-(.
  14. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hey All, I know i have been chirping a lot on here lately. This is because I am a new owner and very excited to get kitted out for winter activities in the North East of the United States. In the summers i do a lot of camping and this winter I am planning on doing some snowboarding up in...
  15. Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi all - New to the forum! So - I am in the market for a 2006-2008 model. I've had a few craigslist fails...sketchy. So am looking at dealerships now. I found this one below...I have not gone to see this car yet - covid/transport concerns. Do you guys see any red flags? Dealership has good...
  16. Honda Element AC/Heat control malfunction.

    Having an issue with the AC/Heater control. Took my Element to the Honda dealership for a Passenger side airbag recall and Driver’s side seat belt replacement. When I picked the car up the AC fan nothing would come on the dealership claims the went nowhere near the control that it just failed...
  17. 'E'ccessories
    Hi, Any idea where I can locate the keyless fob that matches the FCC ID:OUCG8D-344H-B for a 2004 Honda Element EX? Thanks!
  18. Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, My trusty 09 Element SC has finally decided to crap out on me after 198k fabulous miles together. I had never even see the check engine light until a couple weeks ago. :( A week or so ago, check engine light comes on, scan... P2646 for the A rocker arm actuator not performing...
  19. Maintenance and Service
    A little You Tube video of how I got an abandoned Element from ready to go to the junkyard to ready to drive.
1-20 of 45 Results