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  1. Trading Post
    I have a Brand New in box Hunter Bull Bar for the 2003-2005 Element in Powder Coated Black with the accessorie light mount tabs and license plate mount tabs. This is the new upgraded model that sells for $189.00 on their website or ebay. I am selling this bull bar for $160.00. Available for...
  2. Image Gallery
    Here is some pictures of my sc with the hunter bull bar. I didn't get alot of pictures (14 degrees and dark) The element seen some snow and salt for the 1st time the day before. New and clean pictures once the weather warms up. 2007 Element SC - Flickr photo page
  3. Exterior
    This is a true story. I was originally going to purchase the Manik Nudge Bar because it replicates a bull bar. Then, I found the Hunter Bull Bar on eBay. I purchased the Hunter Bull Bar because it was a great deal at $119, including shipping, and it had the simplistic look I wanted. The bull...
  4. Exterior
    Howdy all, found this hunter brand Bullbar on Ebay for $119 shipped. They are available for like $40 or $50 more in Stainless Steel. I like the look of black rather than stainless for my E. Josh
1-4 of 4 Results