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  1. No center vents HVAC (DTC 10)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, I've had a 2003 E (now with 230 K miles) since it was a baby. BTW, it's running fine. Yesterday the AC stopped blowing cold air out of the center vents after turning the hvac selector dial from Defrost to Max AC. Before then it was working fine. Side and floor vents still blow cold...
  2. HVAC - 'force' recirculate?

    Ok, so I live in a northern climate - cold today about -25F at home. I've only owned my Element since May and I'm thinking about having autostart put on it to help warm it up at the end of my work day (garaged at home). But, the interior warms much faster when the recirculate function is on...
  3. HVAC 'enough' heat on driver's side?

    OK, first things first. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. It's winter here already. We have been known to have -55F temps - altho' less so in the last few years. My 2010 Element (LX trim level) is relatively new to me and this will be my first winter with it. I'm getting used to winter again -...
  4. Floor vents not blowing hot air

    Problems & Issues
    The dash vents still blows hot air but the floor vents seem to leak some cold air when turned off. When the floor vents are turned on the only change is more cold air blowing around the floor. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  5. Eww-an E's HVAC l.e.d. retrofit

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I did this mod a few months back and I thought I'd share it with all you fine people.:-) I know in the past a few others have done this mod, but since everyone seems to do their mods somewhat differently, I'd share my version. Here's what the retrofitted l.e.d. HVAC control unit looks like...
  6. Intermittent air conditioner problem

    Problems & Issues
    Started my E yesterday and after a few minutes noticed that air from vents was still warm even though the a/c switch was on (illuminated). Turned all the HVAC knobs and pressed all the switches hoping to reset something, but nothing helped: warm air for the entire 30 minute drive home. Also...
  7. Heater / HVAC blower / fan not working

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone have any experience with the blower motor not working? It was working one day and the next I had nothing. I've checked the fuses associated with the heater and no luck. I imagine it could be the relay or even the motor. Does anyone know how to test the relay to see if it needs to be...
  8. HVAC control bulb replacement / changing color / converting to LED

    Maintenance and Service
    Just curious if anyone else's 1st knob for controlling the strength of the vents light has gone out? If so, is this an easy fix it yourself? The actual AC Knob and Defrost Knob lights up fine.