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  1. Headlight indicator not showing up when lights on

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I have a 2006 ex-p and every time I turn on my headlights the indicator doesn't light up/ show I changed the bulbs and checked the fuses everything seems fine but it doesn't show on my gauges. I recently changed the cluster but on my old cluster it didn't neither. I was wondering if...
  2. Seatbelt light goes on and off

    Problems & Issues
    I am having problems with my seatbelt indicator. When I sit in the drivers side with the belt on, it doesn't normally register that the belt is on. But if I lean back and to the right side, it goes out. Any ideas?
  3. Air bag indicator light up

    Ask The Dealer
    I was checking on the meter fuse and when pluging it back in the air bag indicator stay on. Is that have to do with the fuse removal? Do I need to reset the system and if so how? Do I have to go to the dealer? Thanks.
  4. "Maintenance Required" indicator (or: why it pays to read your owner's manual)

    Maintenance and Service
    "Maintenance Required" indicator (or: why it pays to read your owner's manual) Just hit 10,000 Miles on the E and the light comes on automatically! Does anyone know how to clear this light.I really don't have time to take it to the dealer every 10K to get this Maint. Req. signal cleared...
  5. 4WD vs. AWD

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Honda refers to the Element drive mechanism as a 4WD system yet many reviewers speak of it as an AWD. Actually Honda calls it a "Real Time 4-Wheel Drive" Is it really a 4WD system or AWD.? This came to mind as I just ordered one of the 4WD body emblems from HA. I started wondering if it...
  6. AT shift indicator (at shift lever, not on dash): Panel removal and bulb replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    When I am driving, the steering wheel block the view of my guages slightly. I find myself looking over to the shifter to determine the current gear, but the lights on the shifter do not indicate this very well (none of the gear numbers/letters appear brighter or darker where the shifter is...