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  1. thermostat location

    Maintenance and Service
    Please describe to me where the thermostat on my 05 element is located. I know the radiator hoses go into the front of the engine behind the radiator and also the driver side of the engine. Thank you so much for you help and guidance.
  2. Honda Element Security System: 08E51-EP4-101 and 08E51-EP4-107

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi to all, good to be able to publish in this forum. I own a 2006 Honda Element EX-P and am interested in installing a Genuine Honda Security System, after searching by internet, I found that the most recommended option are the P/N 08E51-EP4-XXX systems used for all the Element line, these are...
  3. Battery upgrade

    Problems & Issues
    I read a bunch of the older posts on battery upgrades. I want a bigger battery than the OEM battery so I can run an upgraded stereo and amp. Audiophyle suggested the Duralast 24. Others recommend the Optima Yellow top. Old posts suggest all manner of things ranging from obscure/expensive...
  4. Seat Belt won't unlock

    Problems & Issues
    My rear seat belts are showing signs of fatigue ... besides the slow retract which I got to live with ... the left rear belt is now stuck in retract position and can no longer be pulled out. I had this situation couple times before where I was able to jingle it and got it to release, but now...
  5. What year's SC Center console will fit an '08 LX

    Well, it looks like I missed the party a few years back when SC center consoles appeared to be more plentiful. I'm currently searching junkyards online to find a unit to install. Will other years ('02-'07, '09-'11) fit in my '08, or am I stuck looking for the smallest of needles? Thanks in...
  6. another alarm question...

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I just purchased a used 2008 EX-P with manual transmission. I'm really excited about it. Before I take it around to too many places, I'd like to install an alarm. The Element has remote lock/unlock, but no alarm as far as I can tell. I've been scouring the forum for a few days now, and...
  7. Installing Mudguards

    I bought some mudguards for my 2010 Element from HandaAccessories. They came in with no instructions and a little sack of screws. The front guards look simple, just unscrew whats already on the car, place guard and screw back in. The rear guards look the same except where one screw is located on...