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instrument cluster

  1. Instrument Cluster Rebuild Success

    Problems & Issues
    I have already documented this here ( but I realized the information is a bit buried so I thought I would create a new post for my experience getting my instrument cluster repaired. Many have had the same...
  2. Add turn indicators on dash?

    Ok, so I have some hearing loss and rarely hear the turn signal indicator. I also sit in such a way and position the steering wheel that the visual indicators are blocked. I haven't seen anyone who had a way to increase the volume on the auditory indicator. So, I was thinking about adding these...
  3. Dashboard Lights don't work when it's cold

    Problems & Issues
    I sometimes have a problem with the dashboard lights in my Element when it's cold outside. When I turn on the headlights, the dashboard remains dark but the needles on the speedometer and tachometer illuminate. After I drive for a long time, the dashboard lights will sometimes come back on. I...
  4. Dash Lights out & all exterior except headlights

    Problems & Issues
    I looked at quite a few archived threads on this topic, but none specifically describe the situation I have now. I have a 2003 Honda Element EX with 216,700 miles. This past Fri night when I started my car and turned on my headlights, I had no dash lights or lights behind the heater/ac dials or...
  5. HELP! green instrument cluster lights! (BARF)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have an 04 ex awd etc etc. and i was wondering why my speedometer is...this weird green color. all my lights are. the radio, the guages all shine either red- _the pointers), or this nasty green color. !!??? is that a colored film i can change? i hate it. i want it white or blue/white please...
  6. "D" for drive is flashing

    Problems & Issues
    Well, my father just called me and asked me if i knew what would cause his E shift harshly into reverse and drive from park. He said the "D" on the dash is always flashing now no matter if it's in drive or park or any other gear. I have no idea what would cause this but teh manual says there may...